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Flexible Choices


The Flexible Choices option within Choices for Care is based on the belief that consumers and their families know best how to meet the needs of individuals needing care at home. Flexible Choices offers consumers an allowance, which is based on their needs and the value of their Choices for Care Home Based Service Plan. Then, working with a Flexible Choices consultant, consumers develop a budget to use that allowance in a way that best meets their needs.


Services Include

Consumers, working with the Flexible Choices consultant, develop their own package of services tailored to their needs. The content of these services is limited by the amount of the consumer’s allowance, program guidelines and what the individual needs to stay healthy and independent. All participants in Flexible Choices receive the following:


  • Allowance for care.
  • Consultant Services to assist and support consumers in planning their care and developing and managing their budget.
  • Fiscal Intermediary Services Organization to help carry manage payroll for consumer-hired workers and other costs associated with care at home.



  • Be a Vermont resident.
  • Be 65 years of age or older or 18 years of age with a physical disability.
  • Be enrolled in Choices for Care and be directing their personal care services through a Consumer or Surrogate Directed option.
  • Complete the Self-Screening Tool (CFC 830) so as to indicate a capacity to handle the responsibilities of the option.
  • Meet criteria for Consumer or Surrogate Direction established by Choices for Care. (See Employer Agent Certification Form).
  • Meet financial criteria for Vermont Long-Term Care Medicaid.
  • Meet specific clinical criteria - qualify for nursing home level of care.


Applying for Services


Provider of Services

  • ARIS Solutions
    Fiscal Intermediary Services Organization (ISO) for payroll


Program Contacts

  • Transition II
    Flexible Choices Consultant
    Phone: 1-866-572-7127 [Toll Free]


Policies and Guidelines






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